Waiting On The Lord

I laid on the ground for a minute. I don’t remember hearing anything. All I felt was cold. I gathered my senses looking around me. My clothes were torn and blood was dripping off my left side. I didn’t look at my arm. I didn’t want to know. I laid back down and looked to my right. My motorcycle was on its side, the tail light was still on and the deer I hit lay motionless underneath the bike. I laid there not knowing how badly I was hurt but knowing I needed help if I was going to be okay. I slowly stood up and limped my way around the bike where my tank bag was. Miraculously, it was still on the bike and I opened it up and took my phone out, laid on the ground, called for help, and waited.

Today’s heart prep comes from Psalm 130, titled, “My Soul Waits For The Lord”. Verse 6 says, “My soul waits for the Lord more than a watchman for the morning.” The word “wait” here implies hope. If you are one of the redeemed in Christ you will never wait in vain. All your waiting is good. It’s producing patience and character in you. It’s making you more like Christ and making you long for eternal satisfaction only found in a relationship with God.

The maybe 10 minutes I was laying on the ground seemed like forever. But something about those 10 minutes made me so relieved and almost joyful when the EMT arrived. Even more joyful was I when I heard my father’s voice as they were loading me into the truck. I wasn’t alone. My father was with me.

We have to have a heart toward heaven. We have to be anticipating our good and gracious king coming to make everything right. This world should make you weary. This world should cause you to mourn to an extent. I hope I never get so comfortable with my worldly position that I have no need to look to heaven. A day is coming when our servant-king will arrive and all our sorrows will disappear like darkness in the presence of light.

You may have experienced tremendous sorrow but your joy will only be greater because of the wait. You can lean into God’s word and find pure joy in knowing and anticipating the arrival of our Lord!

He will redeem you. Though you may be in the depths you can always know, because of Christ, you are not alone. Your father is with you.


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