Isaiah 45: 22-25

This heart prep is adapted from Allen McCannon’s confessional notes from April 23.

Confession Isaiah 45: 22-25

Today we will look at three verses in Isaiah 45.  Please turn there. Verse 42, where we will start, was the verse read at the beginning of the sermon where Charles Haddon Spurgeon was regenerated.  If you have an ESV Gospel Transformation Bible, the notes say that verse 22 may be the best single-verse summary of the entire book of Isaiah.  

Read Isaiah 45:22-24

In verse 42 you hear God’s invitation for salvation.  In this global call, there is parameters.  The supremacy and sovereignty of God are proclaimed. 

Here is an important question for confession: Does the church need to be reminded about the truths of verse 42? 

Charles Spurgeon said the following: “Surely,” says one, “the Church of God does not need to be taught this.”  Yes, we answer, she does; for all beings, those whom God has made the objects of his grace are perhaps the most apt to forget this cardinal truth, that he is God, and that beside him there is none else.”

The following message for those coming to Christ must be clearly communicated.  You cannot look to yourself, but you must turn to God.  

As long as you look to yourself or inward, there is no help.  

We must focus on the Christ who was crucified for us that was proclaimed the last two services by Mark and Scott.  We must look to him to see the impact of our sin on his earthly body. 

It is in this way that God teaches that there is none beside him; because he makes look entirely to him, and utterly away from ourselves.

Jesus said, “I am the way, and truth, and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me.”  He was the manifestation of the promises in Isaiah.  

As Christians, we should be people who are not self-absorbed. We should take inventory of our conversations and lives. Is our focus on our self?  Today’s world clearly shows that self-absorption will not lead to peace and joy.

Alistair Begg in a sermon on Pilate ask the question.  Why are people not coming to Christ?  Begg believes that many are concerned that Christ is not impressed with them.  The way that people get to you is by being impressed with you. Many work our entire lives to impressive. We stress our education, work experiences, success, families, homes, etc.  

We are like Pilate in verse 10 of Mark’s recent sermon.  Pilate is really saying, “To me you do not speak.”  Pilate stressed his authority.  Why would Jesus not perform a miracle in his presence?  Jesus was NOT impressed and reminded Pilot that his authority was given to him from above.  As we go to confession, I am drawn back to the words of Isaiah.

“Turn to me and be saved, all ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is NO other.”


Lord, remind that I am like a sheep who is always prone to wonder.  Prone to leave the God I love.
Help us to rejoice today when the resurrection of Jesus Christ is proclaimed today.  Lord, please save me from myself. Transform my heart by grace and compel me to bow to you daily out of love and gratitude. Help me to look to you and not myself.  Remind that life is not about me. In the name of Christ, I pray!

Allen McCannon

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