Mark McAndrew

Mark is our lead teaching pastor. He teaches 10th-12th Bible at Westminster Christian Academy, where he has worked for several years. He has taught a high school Bible class at the Christian Learning Center of Madison County since 2010. He is preparing to graduate from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary next year with a Master's in Theological Studies. He and his wife Kelly have a son named Micah.

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Jerry EDiger

Jerry is our associate pastor. He teaches 6th-9th grade Bible at Westminster Christian Academy, where he has worked for more than 15 years. A short conversation with Jerry will leave you feeling uplifted and convicted all in one go. Despite being disabled from a sports accident when he was a teenager, Jerry never seems to cease to be joyful, drawing his strength from the Lord. He and his wife Amy have two children, Ben and Maggie.


Allen MCCAnnon

Allen is one of our elders and family group leaders. He is the Superintendent of the Madison County School district. He and his wife Renee have two sons, Andrew and Gavin.


Scott McAndrew

Scott is one of our elders as well as a discussion group leader and a book study leader. He and his wife Liliana share a passion for discipling young adults. 


Ian Webster

Ian and his wife Erin lead worship for North Avenue Church.

They both care deeply about playing music that is doctrinally sound and Gospel rich. You can follow Ian's spotify playlist to get a taste of what you may hear during a typical worship service.